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At SPHERE we understand the demands and pressures of running an organisation that’s why we offer quality, flexible and affordable services to assist growth and development, enabling organisations to focus their business.

The SPHERE team is dedicated to client satisfaction and referrals.
SPHERES dynamic team is a logical choice to add value and impact to your business. Our services increase sales and revenue as opposed to cutting costs and overheads.

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Internet Business Consulting

With technological advances in the internet, mobile phones, flat screens and modern advertising the demand on “techies” and businesses to keep up is huge. This has developed two issues, [1] a dilution in spotting Quality Tech providers and [2] an increase in techies with a commercial skills gap for delivering e-commerce solutions, value and expected results from websites.

Websites can be split into two categories:

  • Bill Boards – a basic website that presents a product, service or business like a billboard or brochure. This style was effective in the 1990’s at the outset of the internet revolution, but such sites now don’t develop the return, interest or requirements for modern enquiries or business today.

  • E-commerce – is the integration of the website into the sales and business dynamic. It is the optimisation of the internet into the fast moving, hugely informed environment we breathe today with a business, product or service.

Due to the dilution and commercial skills gap in e-commerce solutions, the majority of websites being developed are billboards, leaving organisations shell shocked and disillusioned at their websites not performing or gaining the impact necessary.

SPHERE services are bridging the gap and modernising websites into E-commerce solutions to deliver the impact required and expected for business today.


E-commerce sales growth – creating a proficient e-sales website through content, layout, restructure, features, search engine optimisation, user capture strategies and databasing, site maps & analytics.

Web-structure – all aspects of functionality such as optimum navigational layout, features, site maps & analytics.

Web-design – website platforms and layouts; company logos if required.

Business Planning & Strategic Growth
Over the last two decades there has been a significant change in business within buyers, suppliers and salesman. We’re in an environment of mass information at your finger tips, where responsibility and sustainability lead partnerships and longevity.

As a result buyers are more informed and the organisations require a more commercially strategic planning to succeed.

Whilst our clients focus on managing their costs and business, SPHERE will create dynamic strategies to develop growth and partnerships.