Advanced Efficiency Projects

We want to do everything we can to help you do your bit to reduce the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. We offer helpful, practical advice on reducing your impact on the environment, whether you’re a homeowner or running a business. Some of it’s easy, and some ideas are a bit harder. But we’re all starting to understand that we need to start to save today, to save tomorrow.

Every household & company has an impact on the environment from their waste to the energy they use. Our Advanced Efficiency Projects are practical solutions to make the most efficient use of your energy and fulfil your potential to become environmentally sustainable.

Our Advanced Efficiency Projects are:

  • Solar Electricity - systems to convert the suns energy into electricity, reducing your electricity bill.
  • Electrical Office Equipment – there are numerous modern solutions available to reduce the electricity of office equipment and reduce your energy bills. These solutions are dependent on the office function please contact us to advice.
  • Eco Pumps – reducing power required for pumps, creating savings through products on existing pumps or modern pump alternatives.
  • Best Supplier - through assessments we will identify & negotiate the best supplier(s) for your business equirements; water gas, oil & electric.
  • Aero Showerheads – innovative shower head increasing the efficiency of water consumption for showering without impacting the traditional performance.
  • Water recovery - systems to recover the rain water from you roof, and potentially bathwater and basin water from wet areas, to be recycled for your garden and toilets – thereby reducing you water bill not only in consumption but sewerage costs too. These systems can be joint Home and garden or just garden.
  • Roof Insulation - heat rises and heat lost through the roof a straight forward solution reducing hearting bills.
  • Thermal Ground Recovery Heating – at a certain depth the ground out side is a farely constant source of heat. These systems recover that heat for your hot water systems and reduce energy bills.
  • Solar Heating - systems to absorb the suns heat for your hot water system and reduce your energy bills.
  • Solar Electricity - systems to convert the suns energy into electricity, reducing your electricity bill.

SPHERE eco advocates the responsible use of energy. We are keen to help home owners and all UK companies and public sector organisations reduce unnecessary energy use to help the environment. Our Energy Efficiency Pack is available FREE on request for existing SPHERE business customers, and home or businesses that may be interested in reducing their energy, being more responsible and sustainable.

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